Egils Gasins
Gynecologist, obstetrician
Motto: "Stumbling is a part of life; getting up is an experience of life; being alive is a gift; being happy is a choice."
Agnese Plepe
Motto: "Be responsible and take care of yourself, because a happy, loving, and beautiful woman is a happy woman."
Evija Eglite
Anda Radzina
Nutrition specialist
Kristina Prostaka
Resident gynecologist (currently on parental leave)
Motto: "It does not matter how long it takes to reach your goal, the joy at the end of the road is what matters the most!"
Laila Gasina
Family physician, marketing director of the clinic
Motto: "The most precious gemstones you have ever held around your neck are the hands of your child."
Kristine Vanaga
Administrative manager of the clinic, medical assistant of outpatient services
Motto: "God, grant me the ability to accept what I cannot change, strength to change what I can, and wisdom to always tell the difference between the two."
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