„A woman is the most beautiful of God's creations.
If God created something better than a woman, he has kept it for himself.”

(P. Picaso)

Our Clinic

We are a private gynecological clinic in Riga providing high quality healthcare for women. Our professional specialists will make sure you receive the best possible consultation, accurate diagnostics, confidentiality, support, and a wide range of treatment.

In our work, we use the latest technological advancements and research obtained from specialists worldwide. We collaborate with the reproductive medical center "Embrions", stem cell storage and diagnostic tests facility "Future Health Biobank", medical center "Uro", as well as several universities in order to train new doctors.

Our private clinic also offers infertility treatment and the necessary examinations, as well as reproductive surgery. In cooperation with SIA "Embrions", we provide assisted infertility treatments such as insemination with partner/donor sperm, IVF and ICSI procedures and the egg donation programme "Patient to self and to recipient".

Our main values are:

  • high quality examination and diagnostics
  • kind and caring specialists who are professionals of their field
  • wide range of gynecological and physiotherapeutic services
  • quality surgical operations that will ensure the best results
  • hospitable and pleasant environment

In cases of emergency, a consultation will be provided during the same day!


in case of any questions should consult with midwives via email:


Dear ladies, please be advised that if you cancel your appointment on the day of your appointment, you will be charged 50% of the service fee and 100% if we have not been notified of your absence.

Educational Lectures

Midwifery Educational Lectures

Dace Rihtere, a midwife at our clinic, has been educating and preparing expectant parents for childbirth and the baby's entry into the family for several years. The lectures have been very well received, so we would like to share this lecture series with others:

  • "Pregnancy, preparation for childbirth"
  • "Process of childbirth"
  • "Postnatal period. Breast feeding"
  • "Newborn and infant care"

We are honored that our patients come to us from near and far regions of Latvia, so we provide lectures online on the ZOOM platform.

These events are free of charge for patients of our clinic, for others the price of one lecture (2 h) is 35 EUR.

To find out the lecture schedule and to register, please contact Dace Rihtere via tel. 29673549. See you soon!

Educational lectures by midwife Dace Rihtere

Educational Lectures By a Nutritionist

We are pleased to announce that from September 2023 the range of educational events offered by our clinic will be supplemented with lectures for expectant mothers by nutritionist Anda Elsene:

  • "Sugars. How wheat changes gender"
  • "Protein and fat. Myths about fats"
  • "Additional nutrients during pregnancy"

Lectures are provided online on the ZOOM platform. These events are free for patients of our clinic, for others the price is EUR 20 per lecture (1 h).

To find out the lecture schedule and to register, please contact Dace Rihtere via tel. 29673549. See you soon!

Educational lectures by nutritionist Anda Elsene


04/11/2024 Article By Our Midwife Sabine Briede

Here is an article by our midwife Sabine Briede on pregnancy after the age of 35:


11/21/2023 Dr Agnese Plepe Resumes Work

We are happy to inform you that from 4 December of this year Dr. Agnese Plepe resumes work at our clinic.

Appointments with Dr. Plepe:

  • Mondays 8 AM - 1 PM
  • Tuesdays 2 PM - 6 PM

11/13/2023 Special Guest Dr. Bárbara Fernandez del Bas

Last week we had a special guest Dr. Bárbara Fernandez del Bas who, in collaboration with Dinastija SIA and Mesoestetic, gave a masterclass to the clinic specialists.

09/06/2023 Article By Our Midwife Sabine Briede

Here is an article by our midwife Sabine Briede about making love during pregnancy:


05/24/2023 Pregnancy Retreat

We are pleased to publish information about the Pregnancy Retreat organized by our midwife Sabine Briede. We invite pregnant women who want to give themselves an unforgettable holiday combined with self-education to apply. For more information, please contact Sabine personally on 25940236. See you soon!

Gaidību retrīts

05/10/2023 Our New Physiotherapist Monta

From 22 May, physiotherapist Monta Bajaruna-Galeja will start working in our clinic. Monta specializes in therapeutic massage, gymnastics and kinesiological therapy. As Monta herself says: "It is important to me and I make sure that the patient feels comfortable during the visit and is able to communicate freely, thus building trust between the client and the therapist. The greatest satisfaction for me is to know that someone is able to feel good and love their body." See you soon!

04/25/2023 Article About the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Here is an article by our midwife Sabine Briede about the second trimester of pregnancy:


04/24/2023 "Global Congress on Hysteroscopy"

Head of clinic dr. Egīls Gasiņš and dr. Olga Plisko are going to the "Global Congress on Hysteroscopy". Therefore, these specialists will be unavailable from 24 to 28 April.

04/22/2023 Vaccination at Our Clinic

By contacting the clinic in advance, you can get vaccinated against cervical cancer, tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis A and B, pneumococcal and meningococcal infections, as well as diphtheria and tetanus.

03/20/2023 Article About the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Our clinic midwife Sabine Briede has prepared a useful article on the first trimester of pregnancy:


03/05/2023 Dr Gasins Travels to Abu Dhabi

On 15 March, our clinic manager Dr. Egils Gasins will travel to Abu Dhabi, where he will participate in SEUD CONGRESS 2023 from March 16 to 18. The congress topics include: uterine adenomyosis, endometriosis, and causes of uterine bleeding. Please plan your visits well in advance.

09/29/2022 New Gynecologist

Starting with November 1, 2022, a new gynecologist-obstetrician Olga Plisko will be working with us. Patients can see her on Thursdays from 9 AM till 1 PM.

11/30/2021 New Pricelist

From December 1, 2021, a new pricelist of services is in effect.

09/29/2021 Dr. Prostaka Is Returning to Work

As of 1 October 2021, resident gynaecologist Kristina Prostaka will return to work from her maternity leave. She will see patients on Wednesdays from 4 PM till 6 PM.

08/04/2020 New Physiotherapist

Starting with August 3, we are happy to be working with a new physiotherapist Evija Eglite.

07/27/2020 Online Signup System

Now you can sign up for a visit via the online signup system piearsta.lv.

05/18/2020 COVID-19

In accordance with the latest regulation of the Ministry of Health, we are expanding gynecology appointments and surgical operations while observing all the health requirements. Before all planned surgical operations, patients must take a COVID-19 test (with family doctor's referral, no later than 48h before the operation, having a NEGATIVE result). Starting with May 18, 2020, all patients arriving at the clinic must carry a mask. If there is no mask, it can be purchased at the clinic for 50 cents.

01/28/2020 Cooperation with "IF", "Compensa", and "BALTA"

In February 2020, we started a partnership with the insurance companies "IF", "Compensa", and "Balta". Patients must have an insurance card and personal identification—a passport or ID card.

01/27/2020 Advance Payment for Surgery

Since February 2020, you must pay an advance for surgical operations—300 EUR for hysteroscopy, 500 EUR for more complex operations. Alternatively, you may present a guarantee letter from the insurance company confirming that costs of the surgery will be covered.

03/07/2019 Endometriosis - What You Should Know

Interview from the TV show "Dzīvīte", in which Egils Gasins talks about endometriosis.

12/13/2017 Gynecologist's Online Consultation

If you require an urgent gynecologist's consultation and cannot visit a doctor in person, please get in touch with us to arrange an online consultation. Learn more about this service.

12/11/2017 Cooperation With the Clinic "Embrions"

In cooperation with the clinic "Embrions", Egils Gasins is now performing operations in the new facilities of the clinic.

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