(duration of a visit is up to 30 min)


First-time gynecological visit 50 EUR
Follow-up gynecological visit (within one month) 40 EUR
Short gynecological visit, preparation of documents and prescriptions 20 EUR
Digital prescription + phone conversation after receiving results of medical tests 10 EUR
Pregrancy-related visit 40 EUR
Short pregrancy-related visit 20 EUR
Pregrancy-related visit (twins, triplets) 45 EUR
Preoperative visit 65 EUR
Skype consultation (20 min) 30 EUR


Physiotherapist's consultation (60 min) 50 EUR
Physiotherapist's consultation (30 min) 30 EUR
Taping 20-50 EUR
Nutritionist's consultation (60 min) 50 EUR


Gynecological USG 30 EUR
Pregnancy-related USG 20 EUR
Pregnancy-related USG (twins) 25 EUR
Pregnancy-related USG (triplets) 30 EUR
Pregnancy-related USG (screening of the first trimester) 45 EUR
USG permeability test of the fallopian tubes using the ExEm foam 95 EUR
USG uterus cavity examination using saline (Kitazato probe) 60 EUR


Blood sampling 2 EUR
i/v injection 5 EUR
i/m injection 3 EUR
s/c injection 3 EUR
Intravenous administration of iron (Venofer) 35 EUR
Intravenous administration of Intralipid 100 EUR
Intravenous administration of MgSO4 25% 10 ml 30 EUR
Intravenous administration of vitamins 30 EUR
Cervical dilation 60 EUR
IUS evacuation under USG 50 EUR
IUS insertion under USG - Gold 140 EUR
IUS insertion under USG - Mirena 200 EUR
IUS insertion under USG - Fleere 250 EUR
IUS insertion under USG - Kyleene 250 EUR
Preparation of the Mother's Passport 5 EUR
Preparation of the sick leave 2 EUR
Stich removal 10 EUR
Bandage application 10 EUR
Aspirate extraction from the uterine cavity 20 EUR
Collection of biopsy material 30 EUR
Puncture (cysts, pouch of Douglas) 150 EUR
Collection of various samples 10 EUR
Entonox anesthesia up to 5 min 20 EUR
Entonox anesthesia additionally up to 10 min 30 EUR
Fetal CTG 20 EUR
Medical abortion 250 EUR


Informative seminar 10 EUR
Pregnancy training course (60 min) 10 EUR
Pregnancy training course (90 min) 20 EUR
Pregnancy training course (120 min) 30 EUR


Vaginal myomectomy from 950 EUR
Vaginal removal of the uterus with subsequent correction of the vaginal walls from 1400 EUR
Surgical correction of labia minora from 800 EUR
Surgical treatment of condylomas, papillomas, and other skin formations from 400 EUR
Incision of a Bartholin gland from 350 EUR
Cyst extraction of a Bartholin gland from 650 EUR
Endometrial biopsy 350 EUR
Cervical dilatation 250 EUR
Cervical conisation 450 EUR
Legal abortion from 345 EUR
Hysteroscopic diagnostics from 590 EUR
Hysteroscopy (removal of polyps and fibroids) from 690 EUR
Laparoscopic treatment of cervical insufficiency from 1300 EUR
Laparoscopic tracheotomy 1500 EUR
Laparoscopic metroplasty (correction of the Caesarean section and uterine shape) from 1100 EUR
Laparoscopic diagnostics using a permeability test of fallopian tubes 820 EUR
Laparoscopic dissection of fallopian tubes 820 EUR
Laparoscopic salpingectomy, cystectomy, adnexectomy from 1200 EUR
Laparoscopic ovarian fenestration (treatment of polycystic ovaries) from 1000 EUR
Laparoscopic removal of adhesions (including salpingo-ovariolysis) from 1200 EUR
Laparoscopic excision of endometriosis foci from 1200 EUR
Laparoscopic myomectomy (removal of fibroids while preserving the uterus) from 1200 EUR
Laparoscopic hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) from 1660 EUR
Laparoscopic surgical correction of urinary incontinence (Burch operation) from 1200 EUR
Excision of Caesarean endometriosis from 700 EUR
Abdominal myomectomy from 1500 EUR
Abdominal hysterectomy from 1500 EUR

*Surgery-related costs may vary depending on the actual expenses involved (duration of anesthesia, duration of the stay in hospital, technologies and materials applied during surgery) and surgical complexity.


The prices depend on the pricelist of medical goods, drugs, and food supplements.

We accept both cash and bank payment cards.

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